Writing From The Pain: How Does This Help You Write Website Copy That Converts?

About mid-last week I hit a creative brick wall and it really started holding me up.

I couldn’t focus – even after proactively making sure no distractions could reach me except by brute force.  The “creative edge” I need to get through a couple of our soon-to-be-finished projects just wasn’t showing up.   I was stymied.  I was stuck.  I caught a Law & Order SVU marathon, but those don’t last forever.

So what’s been holding me up?  Click the Play button below and learn how I blasted through by writing from the pain:


P.S. Aside from everything I say in the video, I know it’s hard to objectively look at your own website content and create something that converts.  Our Live Website Reviews video critiques are that “second set of eyes” you need.

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