Why Your Online Lead Generation System Isn’t Working For You?

By Guest Expert Eric Gruber – http://www.articlemarketingexperts.com

What good is having a website, social media profiles, blogs and other platforms if you fail to generate leads? What good is driving traffic to your website with articles or any other type of marketing – if your website does not convert?

If the leads aren’t coming you need to ask the question, “What’s not working?”

10 Ways to Fix Your Broken Online Lead Generation System…

1. How visible is your offer?

Do you have a small link that’s so small you need a microscope to see it that says subscribe for our newsletter? Do you have a small opt-in box in the upper right-hand corner, which would take me forever to find even if it was hitting me over the head? Do you have an opt-in opportunity that’s practically camouflaged by everything else going on with your site? If you want to build your list of leads and targeted prospects then you need to make your opt-in opportunities on your website and blog glaring.

2. Do you have compelling copy for your free offer?

Are you expecting people to give you their names and emails just because you have a free ebook, special report, video, audio, templates or whatever you have to offer? Even some top internet marketers are forgetting that you need to add copy that tells me exactly why I need to grab your free offering and risk having you promote to me anytime you’d like.

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3. What value are you providing in return for people’s names and emails?

Are you leading your opt-in offer with a newsletter (like superstar internet marketer) Ali Brown or is your newsletter your complete opt-in offer? Either way, people will think – “Why do I need another newsletter to clutter my inbox?”

Are you offering information that can be found everywhere else online? Are you providing information that is not going to help your prospects take a particular action and move forward? Are you trying to give information away that is not worth anything to your prospects and clients?

You see, giving away something for free isn’t always good – it needs to add value if you want to build your list and maintain relationships. Read this article for some points to consider when giving away free information: http://bit.ly/heZZuo

4. When you write and submit articles online – where are you sending people?

When you write articles and submit them online to top websites, ezines, blogs and article directories – what link are you putting in the bio box? Are you sending people to a cluttered homepage – where you are forcing frustrated readers to find the offer you mention in the bio box? Or, are you sending prospects to a focused squeeze page – where they will find no outside distractions. All they will see is the free offer and a chance to enter their names and emails.

I suggest sending people to focused squeeze pages this way they get the information they are looking for right away. People do not have time to look around and see where they can get the free information you promised. And, frustrated prospects exit websites fast without any intention to ever return.

Want information on squeeze pages, check out the videos here:


5.  Are you including call-to-actions on everything you do – including blog posts?

If you do not tell people what to do next, they will not take any action. You need to include call-to-actions on every page of your website, including your blog posts. You see, if you just have articles on your blog then you are giving away free education. You’ll just have readers coming back to your blog for education without having them taking any steps to becoming a client with you. If you do not add call-to-actions throughout your blog – at least have a P.S. at the end of every blog post that invites prospects to take action in getting your free offer (and link it to a squeeze page) or to take advantage of a resource (and link it to a sales page).

In my 14 website conversion mistakes report, I show how Dan Kennedy is even making this mistake. Get the report here: http://www.14websiteconversionmistakes.com

6. Can you tweak your squeeze page – and avoid errors that so many other internet marketers are making?

Look at your squeeze page. Do you have a strong, compelling headline? Do you have bullet points that make my mouth water for the information you want me to download? Are you connecting the offer to the audience you want to attract? Did you include strong psychological and emotional triggers? Does your button say something like “subscribe” or does it include a strong call to action.

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7. What Systems Do You Have?

Once someone becomes a lead – what systems do you have in place to maintain relationships? Do you have autoresponders in place? Are you sending out weekly newsletters? Are you sending out broadcasts with blog posts?

To see how I communicate with clients and prospects read this article: http://tinyurl.com/39q3r5m

To see the lead generation system I suggest using, check out:


8. Are you keeping your content relevant?

Even if you are seeing spikes in one or more of your online lead generation tools, you still need to continuously create relevant content. Just prattling on about nonsense or current industry events is a death walk for your success. Good blogs can go bad quickly if the content is self-promoting, dull or predictable. Think what your prospects want to know about.

9.   Are you making people opt-in twice by confirming their subscriptions?

By making people go through a double opt-in process – you are restricting how many people will get on your list. You are automatically setting limitations because a) people are lazy – they want immediate access b) confirmation emails get lost in spam c) extra steps are confusing your prospects

Read this article to find out why we at Article Marketing Experts refuse to do a double opt-in opportunity: http://bit.ly/e6Ky7N

Read this article to see how a client lost more than $500 dollars and 160 subscribers: http://bit.ly/et9f5i

10. Are you making yourself seen and heard on Google, top websites and in social media circles?

To get more leads you have to make yourself seen and heard consistently. That means you need to be blogging regularly. You need to be submitting articles to the top websites, ezines and article directories. And, you need to be regularly engaging in social media. Your content is what’s going to get prospects to go back to your site. Your content is what’s going to prove that you are an expert. Your content is what’s going to get your prospects salivating for more information – if you provide extreme value.

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Now, get to work and start fixing your online lead generation system using the tips, tools, information and resources I reveal above. For even more ways to fix your online lead generation system don’t forget to check out the special report I created with Help My Website Sell Founder Adam Hommey

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