Attracting More Visitors, Prospects, And Customers…With A Moribund Frankfurter?

If you’re trying to sell something, there’s a good chance you’re wasting your time, ok?  Yes, I think you might be.

Now, I’ve made the same mistake myself, and every so often I catch myself slipping in that direction (or my own coach catches me and stops me from cascading down the precipice), so I know how easy it is to make this mistake.  What am I talking about?

It’s a fundamental yet all-encompassing error that I see creep up, everywhere from creating products, developing services, writing website copy that sells, and search engine optimization to attracting more visitors, prospects, and customers…

Here’s to getting them right where they live (which when you watch the video you’ll see what I mean),


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  1. Adam, great message. I use a similar message with my “local” small business clients.

    I got a website for my wholesale business back in 1998 and did zero sales and got zero new customers as a result of my site for 2 solid years.

    It wasn’t until I marketed my company (and my website) with an online directory specifically targeting “wholesale buyers” that I began to attract customers and start making real sales online.

    According to Google there are over 7 million monthly searches using the word “wholesale” in the search box. There are 25 million searches using the word “Coupon”. Since the word “coupon” is used so much and the fact that half of ALL online searches are for local business information, a local business should be present on online coupon directories.

    Another great reason is that statistically, higher income/higher educated people are the most frequent online coupon users. So if you want to do business with smart people with money to spend, online coupons in your marketing strategy is a good idea.

    As you just said in your video, being where the people are online is the way to get discovered.

    • Adam Hommey (Help My Website Sell)
      Wednesday 20 July 2011, 1:59 pm

      Andrew – as always, thank you for your excellent observations. I see how you so excellently apply these strategies with

      I myself have gotten so used to the idea of coupons that if I’m about to make an online purchase, I’ll actually spend a few minutes Googling to see if I can find a coupon for what I want to buy. You’d be amazed. There are actually websites out there that will list coupons that readers submit with the caveat, “we don’t know if these are valid still, but try them.” Many merchants forget to turn off their coupons when the promo ends. A LOT can slip under radar.

      Now don’t tell anyone, but one of the things I’m hoping to do as part of the HMWS 2.0 launch is an offering where some of our supporters offer coupons on their offerings just for my subscribers. I’d also have a landing page that is specifically for people who want to get some great coupon deals! (Oops, I think I just let the big fluffy calico cat out of the bag! hahaha)

  2. Adam, regarding your comment about lingering coupons which were supposed to have been taken down- one of the big reasons I start4d is largely due to the dead-end streets you often travel online in search of a coupon which is no longer valid or never existed in the first place.

    There are lots of coupons sites which are getting search engine attention but have no valid coupons for the specific item or place you’re looking for. I’ve made it a policy on to have 100% live, active coupons. People may visit the site in areas where we don’t have content but if there ARE merchants, the coupons are 100% valid with expiration dates from 7 to 60 days from the date you click them.

    Looking forward to you continuing tidbits of valuable information. Thanks for your great work.

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