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TELESEMINAR: Discover How To Speed Up And Simplify Your Product Launches, In 5 Easy Steps

I see it all the time... Too many product and service launches get nipped in the bud due to poor (or complicated) planning, not really knowing the right way to get things done, or some other roadblock. Oftentimes it stems from technology challenges, lack of a process... or communication issues with your team. If I could show you a better…
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A Radically Different Approach To Website Development

For every internet marketer, entrepreneur, and professional service provider who is "looking forward to" a new website for your new venture or launch, I'd like to propose a different way of thinking for you to consider and decide if it makes sense for your business: [HTML1] The question I pose at the end will hopefully help you weigh what's most…
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The Fine Line Between Love, Hate, And Your Website

Launching a new website, not to mention a new product, service, or venture, can be nerve-wracking.  Have you really tested your market?  Do you know if this thing will actually SELL? You can do "beta testing" and "focus group" and "mastermind buddy group" testing of your website till the cows come home, but the only TRUE way to find out…
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