e-mail marketing strategy

7 Ways That Doing More Of Something Gets You Increased Conversions

At a seminar I attended a few years ago (Big Seminar 13 to be exact) I was onstage as a participant with "The World's Fastest Hypnotist", Marshall Sylver. For those of you familiar with Marshall's presentations in general, I was the designated "Queeblian translator" and "exit greeter."  Good times. During his teaching presentation the next day, Marshall gave some great…
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How Many Units Are In A “Way, Way Too Many”?

Here are a few thoughts on the subject of how often you should send e-mails to your opted-in subscribers, and what to do with negative feedback (especially when it's truly negative and not "constructive" or "an opportunity" or whatever soft-landing language): [HTML1] - ARH P.S. You could actually consider the "Monday Marketing Moments" as well as the "Tuesday Technology Tips"…
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