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How An Internet Marketer Lost 160 Subscribers And Over $500 In 30 Days By Having a Double Opt-In Process

One of the raging debates in the internet marketing sphere - after all these years - is whether or not you should require people who opt in to your mailing list to confirm their subscription by clicking a link they get in their e-mail after filling out the opt-in form on your website. This is a process known as "double…
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Affiliate Marketing – Like Deja Vu, Over And Over And Over Again

On Monday morning I checked my e-mail, to learn with delight that I had received a response to a support ticket I had submitted about my pending affiliate commissions.  (Well, not exactly, but we'll get there in a second.) My suspicions were raised when I saw that not one, but THREE leading internet marketers sent me the exact same "response"…
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Does Your Website Speak For Itself?

I constantly coach my clients to Emancipate the POWER of INFORMATION through common technology to maximize their website's automatic role in their business's keep-in-touch strategy.  We all know that the surest way to sales is through systematic and regular follow-up with customers and prospects. You need to let your website speak for itself when it comes to keeping in touch…
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