Digital Literacy: How To Keep Visitors Awake While Viewing Your Webpages

When you were in school, do you remember being assigned a chapter to read before class, in case there was a pop quiz? Class was 9:00 AM.  The night before, you picked up the book, found Chapter 5, figured out it was 17 pages of reading. You flipped through those pages, checking to see if they had subheads, dividers, illustrations,…
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Two Words That Converted 4% Of An Entire List In One Hour

In yesterday's Monday Marketing Moment, I revealed that adding two little words to the subject line of an e-mail played a pivotal role (funny thing) in converting almost 4% of an entire opted-in subscriber list to register for a teleseminar within one hour of the e-mail going out. Indeed: it was a funny thing. Now: are you ready for the…
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How E-Mails We Receive Can Help Create Website Content That Converts Better

In the age of "informational instant gratification," we want information and we want it NOW.  Whomever can provide the information we need first and fastest will be the person we believe and follow. Not, necessarily, who provides the best or most credible information; but rather who provides it in the easiest to read format. When it comes to website copy…
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