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Wonder If You’ll EVER Repurpose Your Content?

Critical mindset you must adopt in order to be successful with content creation and content multipurposing. Chances are good you'll thank yourself later for doing what you slap yourself for today: [HTML1] - ARH P.S. Join us for our teleseminar tomorrow (Tuesday, August 14) where guest expert Lainie Cotell will reveal techniques and methods for making your content more multipurposeable…
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Shampoo, Conditioner, Website Conversions And Upsells

Last night I went shopping and came home with everything I needed EXCEPT shampoo and conditioner. The savviest marketing minds reading probably already guessed that they rearranged the aisles in the store and I got distracted by something I ran into while looking up and down several aisles in the general vicinity of where one would logically assume the shampoo…
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