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Comment Redirect WordPress Plugin Pulls Your Commenters Into Your Website Conversion Funnel

It's so awesome when you get comments on your WordPress blog posts - and they're real comments, not roboform spam :-) Now that a website visitor has raised their hand and expressed interest, is that a good time to move them further into your website conversion funnel? [HTML1] The plugin demonstrated here is called Comment Redirect. - ARH P.S. The…
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Website Conversion Conversation On Blogs: An Anti-Spam CAPTCHA That Doesn’t Suck Big-Time

Most CAPTCHAs suck big-time.  Give your Wordpress blog visitor a CAPTCHA they can't read and can't hear, and/or one where they're told they filled it out incorrectly more than once when they fill it out, and they'll almost definitely a) leave your blog, b) never visit again (or at least never try to communicate with you again). Here's a CAPTCHA…
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