“Amp Up” Your Free Special Report Delivery!

These days, almost everyone who has a website or is selling something online today has a “free special report” that “threatens” or “promises” to fundamentally rock the industry to its foundations. Really.  I’ve read about 200 of these so far this year and many of them serve their basic purpose.  They’re informative, enlightening, thought-provoking, and have a clearly defined “next step” for me to take.  All well and good.

However, what concerns me is the delivery method.  How exciting is a webpage that reads like this:

“Thanks for signing up for our free special report!  In a minute, check your Inbox for a link to download the PDF.  If you have questions, let us know.  And now, click this link to go back to our home page.

You’re kidding me. 

You just got your website visitor to say “YES” to what you asked them to do (a pattern you need to have repeat itself many times) and this is the next step in your conversion conversation?

Now, in some cases, the special report really is the end of the road – say, if it’s a placeholder for a new venture you’re six months from launching, but you’re starting your list way ahead of time.

I need to ask, however, is there NO immediate next step?

How do you “amp up” your free special report delivery to keep the conversion conversation going without a break?  Here are three ways I’d recommend:

  • After your visitor opts in, direct them straight to your follow-up offer (product, coaching program, etc.).  Since you’re going to send them a PDF anyway, just put a little box at the top of the page that says a friendly version of “Your free special report will be in your Inbox in a minute.  But first, read this”.  You just earned their attention NOW, you can put them on your sales page NOW, why go through it all over again later?
  • Or, have the “special report” be a webpage (the page they land on immediately after clicking the “Submit” button in your optin box) instead of a “PDF download” – a webpage that leads the “conversion conversation” to a buying action (combine your efforts!!!)
  • Consider the “sandwich page” method, which walks them through a three-page process – a) opt-in, b) free video with “click here to continue” (keeps the visitor engaged and curious, gets them used to saying “yes” to you), c) offer page

Bottom line: after your website visitor opts in to receive your free offer, do everything you can to keep the conversation going, without breaks, taking them directly to the next step and further along in your funnel!

Here’s To Creating Your Internet Cash Machine!


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  1. Adam,

    Love this idea!!

    Especially this part: “Or, have the “special report” be a webpage (the page they land on immediately after clicking the “Submit” button in your optin box) instead of a “PDF download” – a webpage that leads the “conversion conversation” to a buying action (combine your efforts!!!)”

    Using your idea, I’m going to create an advertorial web page later this week, inserting the “special report” at the start of the letter, then transitioning into a sales pitch after.

    The readership should be off the charts — “Here’s the Special Report I promised you” — and after receiving real value, readers will then be very receptive to the sales pitch at the end.

    This is really good stuff. Thanks again.

  2. Excellent article – thank you. Your squeeze page is a really good example of what you wrote about. I downloaded the material – thanks.

  3. When someone opts in, they are taken directly to the product details page where there is a video that shows them how to use video email, one aspect of the suite of tools they will be using upon purchase. On that page is an order form, not a special report.

    We lead them directly to the sale and the autoresponder letters have tips on using the products. They are also invited to live training using a video conferencing room, which is another one of the products.

    • Adam Hommey (Help My Website Sell)
      Tuesday 28 September 2010, 6:15 pm

      @Jim – this is perfect! I love it! Make sure to check out today’s Weekly Update as we’re going to delve in the “rules of engagement” on blogs. It will go out around 3pm Eastern!

  4. I am working on a special report with two of my clients and like the idea of having a custom web page or creating a stepped process to keep visitors curious.

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