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successThe testimonials you are about to read were contributed by people who have received and benefited from specific services, coaching, and teaching from Help My Website Sell™.

We are required by law to inform you of typical results, and these are as follows:

The average person will get all excited about building websites, getting on LinkedIn®, Facebook and Twitter and selling lots of “stuff”, growing a huuuuuge membership program, and building a 60,000-member opted-in subscriber list overnight. But they just “give up” at the very moment they realize they need a plan and to put forth actual effort.

However, the testimonials you are about to read are NOT typical. They are provided by those who put in the effort and make things happen.

Among the names below you’ll find a Grammy® nominee, a world-famous teacher who served as the model for a character Tom Cruise played in a movie, and entrepreneurs and solution innovators who have created products, launched and managed successful training programs, and published books. Chances are, some of them are people you know.

The extent to which they have used our tools varies, which further proves our point: that sometimes the smallest changes can get you the biggest improvements. We list them in alphabetical order by surname so each can stand on their own merits.

Furthermore, in a few cases you will see that one person provided more than one testimonial.  This shows the many different ways that Help My Website Sell™ can benefit your business (as it does for them).

Please, review feedback from our successful clients and make the decision that exploring how we can help you succeed as well is something you should be doing for YOUR Business:

“It’s Like Having Business Building And Website Conversion Coaching ‘On Tap’ Whenever I Need It!”

Once I restructured my website content using Adam Hommey’s proven customer-converting languaging techniques and started using Facebook more effectively, it took me less than two months to get from barely getting by with only three clients…to needing to hire team members of my own just to fill current projects!

Having Adam as my coach for the past four years has been one of, if not THE, key ingredient to my success in building my business as a social media and membership site manager for an elite group of internet marketers.

Since I am also his business manager, I know first-hand how “in demand” he really is. You won’t find a better way to put his expertise to work for you, and what’s more, to have it on tap, at your disposal!

Kate Bradbury
Social Marketing And Membership Management Expert

“Thank You For The Amazing Suggestions On How To Promote My Book”

Thank you so much for your time. I was sincerely grateful for your time and for your kind help with the amazing suggestions on how to promote my book – great ideas! I already created a sub-category on my blog like you recommended on our call and will be making the other changes you mention here and perhaps we can continue to work together in the future as well.

I am indebted and very excited about all that I learned from you today.

Farnoosh Brock
Founder, Prolific Living™

“I Believe That Your Suggestions Helped Me…”

Hello Adam, A couple months ago I was fortunate enough to meet you and have a wonderful phone conversation. You were very kind and critical of my blog/site. I made some of the changes that you suggested. They were very good ideas that really made sense.

I must say, that within a couple of weeks my Google ranking finally got out of 0/10 and went to 2/10 ….. today, I noticed that it is now 3/10 !! So I believe that your strategic suggestions, one of them being to stay laser focused on my market niche, and staying consistent, current with my blog content were directly related in improving my rankings.

Just wanted to take some time out and once again, thank you!

Lynn Brown
Social Media Marketing Coach, Blogging Strategist, LinkedIn® Marketing Manager

“The Training Videos Help Us Stand Out From Our Competition”

Our website includes a special members-area for my customers to access their completed transcripts and know how many pre-paid hours they had left without having to ask me every time.

The first thing Help My Website Sell™ did after setting up this members-area was create a detailed video training that showed me exactly how to add new members and create the special download areas for each client. I never imagined it would be so easy! When I turned this process over to my assistant, they told me the video was so clear and easy to follow they only had to watch it once.

Most important of all – our customers love the members-area and tell their colleagues! Our ability to easily manage this system differentiates MagiScript from other transcription companies and has gotten us new customers as a direct result.

Lainie Cotell
Founder, MagiScript Transcripts For Content

“Most Important Of All, Our Customers Love It And Tell Their Colleagues!”

I needed a way to make it easy for customers of my transcription service to access their completed transcripts and know how many pre-paid hours they had left without having to ask me every time.

After going through several different companies, finally I turned to Adam Hommey at Help My Website Sell™ for help. My only regret is I didn’t just ask him first! He created a system using the WordPress Wishlist Member plugin that actually works for us. What’s more, his video training made it incredibly easy for me and my assistant to manage the process.

Most important of all, our customers love it and tell their colleagues! This system differentiates MagiScript from other transcription companies and has gotten us new customers as a direct result.

Lainie Cotell
Founder, MagiScript Transcripts For Content

“He Blasted A Path Through The Confusion And Uncertainty”

I attended a free teleseminar with Adam Hommey where in step-by-step form, including slides with bullet points, he explained how to have a new website up and running in a weekend using WordPress.

I was stunned for two reasons. First, that he gave away so much on a free call. Second, that I tried it myself and really did get my new website, for my resume writing service, up in one weekend. I get compliments all of the time from visitors to the site and other coaches about how nice the site looks, how easy it is to navigate, and how clear it is. This was NOT the case before I attended this session with Adam. I use the notes from that session on all of my new microsites as well!

The next step was organizing content on both of my websites so that my visitors and prospects could find the information they need and feel enticed to take action. Through a combination of video website critiques and a live coaching session with me, he blasted a clear path through confusion and uncertainty and helped me get my content reorganized quickly. Adam remains a portal of great information that will increase the value of your websites and move your business forward.

Kelly Harrington
Professional Career Coach, Resume Writer
President/Founder, Career Max Group

“Brainstorming Sessions Move Things Forward And Get Them Done Faster”

marty-higginsAs the owner of two businesses – a prosperous financial advisor practice as well as a mentoring firm that helps other financial advisors grow their own practices – I have a lot on my plate and only so much time to deal with it. Managing the internet marketing side of my businesses can be daunting and easily take a back seat to pressing matters of the moment if I let it.

For these and other reasons, I highly value the weekly brainstorming sessions with Adam. He shows me what ideas and opportunities will best move my business forward vs. which ones are mere bright shiny objects.

It’s hard for me to put a specific dollar amount on the value of these brainstorming sessions, but I can say that they keep many important things moving forward and getting done faster, that otherwise would never happen in the first place.

Martin V. Higgins, CFP
Founder, Family Wealth Management and
The International Educational Finance Institute

“It Doubled Our Facebook Fan List, And Then Some”

As a leading consultant for online publicity for the past 30 years as an authority on press releases optimized for search engines, I need to be at the forefront of all new trends in online marketing. That’s why I was delighted with the way Adam Hommey and his team created my offer page on Facebook. It more than doubled my “likes” and “fans.”

Adam developed a simple process for our Fan Page that makes “liking” it a no-brainer.

The best part is how easy it is to change the offer so we give our fans even more reasons to keep coming back so I have more ways to give even more to my fans.

Dan Janal
Publicity Coach And Speaker

“Video Consulting Makes It Easier For Me To Do Business”

ross-jeffries-2013I am always torn when I recommend Adam. On the one had he truly is fantastic and has given me a return on my money of about 7 to one; for every one dollar I pay him, he makes me about 7, and he is far and away the most valuable and indispensable member of my business team.

On the other hand, I don’t really want him to get any more clients, because I don’t want his attention pointed away from my business!

That said: the Camtasia videos where he answers my questions in detail really stand out. These videos get the job done five times faster and more clearly than any long e-mail or drawn-out phone conversation. This video consulting is a key differentiator that makes HMWS unique.

My customer service team absolutely love the videos as well. They appreciate the ability to go back anytime and review as-needed. Having the video archive also drastically cuts down on ramp-up costs each time I add a new team member – another huge benefit that helps keep me free to focus on what I do best, which is teaching and mentoring.

So, unselfishly: hire Adam. Selfishly, please don’t. I want his services all to myself.

Ross Jeffries
Founder And Master Teacher, Speed Seduction®

“For Every Dollar I Spend With Adam, I Make At Least Seven Dollars Back”

ross-jeffries-2013Adam Hommey has been my top online business strategist and operations expert since 2007. Early on, he spearheaded the product launch of our flagship project, bringing in $65,000 and 89 coaching clients in the first 24 hours. The upsell strategies he implemented on our websites continue to bring the business at least 30% in additional revenue, and we’re now approaching the third year of those strategies being in place. Most recently, he led us through the “quick-launch” of our newest product, a membership site containing over 60+ hours of footage from my recent seminars, quickly adding another $50,000+ to our bottom line.

For every invoice dollar I pay, I add about 7 dollars to the bottom line of my business. Aside from the above, he helps me quickly sidestep or overcome the inevitable challenges that come up no matter how well you plan and think ahead. He’s very particular about the clients he works with, more so than he’s ever been, and for good reason. Utilizing his coaching is the best way you can leverage these strategies for your own business.

Adam is so valuable to my business that I am seriously contemplating taking out a life insurance policy on him, because if I ever lost him, my business would be dead in the water. He’s just that valuable.

Anyone who would like to speak with me about my experiences with Adam can feel free to email me at my website.

Ross Jeffries
Founder And Master Teacher, Speed Seduction®

“He Increased Our Conversion Rates On A Promotion To 80%”

Business success comes from the systems one puts into place. Adam Hommey reviewed my website and Internet marketing systems. He showed me how I was wasting money on complex solutions that were actually costing me sales.

He reviewed a survey and a sales letter we had put together for the launch of one of my new training programs, and in a seven-minute video showed us three quick changes to make that would increase our opt-ins and sales.

As a result of implementing these, we increased our conversion rate for that particular promotion to 80%.

MaryPat Kavanagh
Queen of Connections

“Our Member-Partners Are Already Seeing Results!”

An important part of the work we do at Your Part-Time HR Manager® is helping our network of human resource professionals, our Member-Partners, develop their e-mail marketing lists and regularly keep in touch with their prospects and customers through weekly newsletters and e-mails.

Some of our Member-Partners were skeptical about the e-mail marketing at first. They said it would be hard to do and they didn’t see how it would really benefit them. Adam not only built a process to get a new Member-Partner up and running with their e-mail marketing within a couple days, but most of all he created detailed training videos that show Member-Partners, step-by-step, how to handle their e-mail marketing.

Let’s just say their initial skepticism quickly turned to praise when they saw for themselves how easy the process is and how effectively it draws their prospects and customers closer to them.

Richard J. Lukesh, CMHR
Managing Partner, Your Part-Time HR Manager®

“Our Resource Library Helps Our Member-Partners Play A Bigger Game”

When I first saw our new Your Part-Time HR Manager® Resource Library for our Member-Partners, I exclaimed “ABSOLUTELY COOL!!!! I FEEL LIKE THIS GREAT BIG COMPANY!!!”

In fact, our Members Area does make us a bigger company because it delivers the training and the resources our Member-Partners need to grow their HR consulting practices and better serve their clients in an easy-to-find, all-in-one-place way. This has also cut down drastically on our internal training and development costs and spared me, personally, over 20 hours I otherwise would have had to spend on the phone.

I’m delighted to say that the Resource Library that Help My Website Sell™ created for us is a major part of our success and continued growth.

Richard J. Lukesh, CMHR
Managing Partner, Your Part-Time HR Manager®

“It Helps You Become A ‘Rock Star’ In Your Market…”

I absolutely re-state my amazement at how using Adam Hommey’s strategies has affected my income and popularity online and on Facebook and other outlets available. He is a cautious visionary who seizes upon every opportunity to improve what I do with my website and create more fans and followers online.

The coaching and teaching Adam provides for my team members are an invaluable resource that makes it continually easier for me to communicate directly with my fans and otherwise move my career forward.

His knowledge of cutting edge advances is unprecedented and as an artist he has become a necessity to my doing business. He may help you become a ‘rock star’ in your market, too.

Benny Mardones
Multi-Platinum, Grammy®-Nominated, Top 40 Singer / Songwriter
“Into The Night” – ASCAP Top 25 Most Played Songs On American Radio

“The Content Felt Like It Was Tailor-Made For My Business”

To my friends in business: Adam Hommey is a business marketing ace. He delivers incredibly valuable information on his FREE teleseminars and webinars. I’ve attended several of them, and am pleased to vouch for the sheer volume of great, easy to follow content that he shares in the presentations as well as the handouts. One of his recent calls, on holiday promotions, felt like it was tailor-made for my business.

I’ve never seen more value on a free call. Imagine how much value you’ll receive when you go for the paid version.
For this reason alone, I recommend you sign up for his free teleseminars.

Andrew Mazer
Founder, ModernCoupon.com

“Until Now, I Didn’t Know It Could Be So Easy!”

As the owner of JadaMichaels.com, I needed a quick, easy, effective way to communicate with my audience and show them how to Make Life Sexy.

Adam engineered a solution that placed my existing brand on a WordPress platform and made it incredibly easy to reach multiple audiences in an easy, systematic way.

But what really stand out are the training videos that went into extreme detail on how to swap the offers and contests on a weekly basis without needing to rely on a high-priced webmaster.

Adam Hommey is a very rare find – the kind of internet marketing expert who blazes the trail and gets you the tools and strategies that put you in front of your customers faster than you might otherwise think possible. Thank you!

Jada Michaels
Lifestyle And Fashion Expert

“A Website Review That Has Made Us A Lot Of Money!”

I originally signed up for a video website conversion review because I had been on Adam’s mailing list for a while and was so impressed with his free articles that I wanted to try out the paid version.

My video website critique went far, far beyond simply critiquing my website layout.  The biggest takeaway for me was the way the video review showed me how to restructure our websites overall including actual examples of exactly how to do it.  They even went a step further and pointed out market opportunities that awaited us as soon as we made the changes.

We more than tripled our sales with the very first promotion we did after implementing the recommendations.  But even more important, I soon got featured in major media such as MSN Money and “Mind Your Body” with Stephanie Stephens.  Without my video website critique, I wouldn’t have known where to begin, much less gotten there.  Thank you!

Jada Michaels
Lifestyle And Fashion Expert

“Powerful Brainstorming And No-Nonsense Business Building Strategy”

Let me be clear, Adam Hommey and his team are my secret online weapon. Thanks in large part to the support and ideas I receive from Adam I’ve been able to continually grow my online businesses, even during a recession. Adam is a trusted confident, my go-to person for all things in my online world and we’ve worked closely together since 2007.

Every time I’m ready to launch a new product or service, the first thing I do is schedule a brainstorming session. He has been the mastermind behind a least two of my product launches and has been instrumental in helping my team properly leverage systems that truly work.

I hesitate to think where my business would be without his support.

Jim Palmer, The Newsletter Guru
Founder, No Hassle Newsletters and No Hassle Social Media
Author of several books including, “The Fastest Way To Higher Profits”

“My Membership Sites Are a BIG Hit – With Clients and Staff!”

I coach several entrepreneurs on three vital success strategies: massive action, the importance of delivering a ‘World Class’ customer experience, and using systems that work. Adam Hommey and his team are the internet geniuses behind the membership sites for both of my programs, No Hassle Newsletters and No Hassle Social Media.

Adam is great at not only implementing what I need, but also keeping my Wishlist Member sites focused on a “simple is best” strategy. What I also like is Adam’s personalized training videos that he provides me and my support team. And, I know if something technical goes wrong, they work relentlessly to fix it quickly.

Adam Hommey is my secret weapon for my online presence and he gets my highest recommendation.

Jim Palmer
The Newsletter Guru

“He Helped Make It Easier Than Ever For My Customers To Do Business With Me”

As the owner of a prosperous accounting practice with a specialty in helping extremely busy entrepreneurs and small business owners manage their taxes, it is very important that my customers find working with me to be one of the easiest things they experience.

Adam helped me create service packages and online payment options that make hiring and working with my firm a “no-brainer”. Already I have customers thanking me for implementing what Adam recommended I do. They especially like the “set it and forget it” automatic payment plans that mean one less check they have to stop and write.

You, too, should speak with Adam. With his experience, there’s a good chance he will find ways to make your company more customer-centric that you have not yet thought of.

Dean A. Ponterio, CPA
Certified Public Accountant and Financial Advisor
(Search for “Dean A. Ponterio, CPA and Financial Services” on Facebook)

“Responsible For Saving Me At Least $835,000 in Revenue”

I am a serial entrepreneur and own several businesses, serving multiple industries and markets. That can get extremely overwhelming, especially when it feels like you have to create the same thing from scratch, over and over again, and go through a huge process each time. Meanwhile, you’re getting multiple sets of advice from every guru out there, which is often contradictory.

The strategies Adam Hommey shares help you see how you can create something once, then use it over and over again with just minor adaptation. This is especially valuable when you own multiple businesses, and can cross-purpose concepts and strategies and at the same time optimize them for each of the markets you serve.

By applying these strategies over the years, since Adam has been with my business since the very beginning, I have unleashed revenue opportunities as well as sidestepped many “black holes” that would have cost me time and money. I added it up and figured out that I have, over time, earned or saved a total of $835,000 in new profits or money not wasted, with timely guidance from Adam.

Let Adam become part of your business, and you will do well.

Steven Rowell
The IDEA Doctor™

“You Get To The Bottom Of Your Conversion Issues Without Spending Thousands Of Dollars”

I am so excited to tell you about my love of Adam Hommey’s Help My Website Sell™ Website Conversion Reviews.

I am a marketer, business coach and I know a lot about getting traffic to people’s sites. I coach them around that all the time; how to build a great site, what marketing elements to you need. But you can’t be an expert in everything. I am not an expert in conversion but I have a secret weapon and that is Adam Hommey and his expertise.

For such a crazy low price, Adam will create you a screen capture video, where he will go over so many points in your website that could be the reasons you’re not converting. I love this because this way you get to fix it without having to pay thousands and thousands of dollars to try to figure out what the heck is stopping people from buying from you.

If you have a website and you are sitting here thinking, “What the heck? Why is it not selling? Why are people not signing up?” I encourage you to get a video website critique. It has been a saving grace for me in terms of my own websites and working with my clients, because again you can’t be an expert at everything. So do what you do really well and leave the conversion to Adam. He is just fabulous!

Therese Skelly

“Adam’s Expertise In Business Building And Website Conversions Keeps My Business Growing!”

Adam Hommey has been not only one of the top clients as well as leading partners of my web development firm, but also my own coach and mentor since 2007. He has stood by my side through not one, but two major restructrings of my business and client mix, each time helping me update and optimize my message and client-attraction strategy to support my ever-increasing goals.

If I could pick just one of (among many) Adam’s strategies that I’ve implemented with huge success, I’d recommend speaking with him about how to understand your ideal customer and custom-fit your marketing message and website content to attract so many of them that you have them lined up around the block, willing, excited even, to pay you 100% upfront for a project knowing it will be 60 days before the work begins.

Amy Suzanne Taggart
Web Developer To The Internet Marketing Stars

“Until I Met Adam, I Didn’t Know Entrepreneurship Was Supposed To Be Fun!”

My virtual assistance business had recently lost its biggest client. A friend of mine suggested I speak with Adam Hommey about possibly assisting him with some of his upcoming projects, so I did.

In my initial call with him, he gave me (unsolicited) so much business-know-how that it stood my entire business model on its head and doubled its gross income in just three weeks. Nevermind the fact that this first call was supposed to be about him hiring my services. That just goes to show how valuable an official coaching relationship with Adam can be.

Adam can be quite direct, even blunt, when he tells me what I need to hear when I need to hear it. He challenges me to do more and be more as an entrepreneur than I even knew existed before he came along. Until I met Adam, I didn’t even know entrepreneurship was supposed to be fun!

Kim Van Loan
The VA Expert