Why Gmail’s Social And Promotions Tabs Are So Awesome

Just reading the subject line you’re saying, “HUH?”

Gmail’s rollout of the “tabs” in the email reader means your broadcast e-mails to your opted-in subscribers are being routed to the “Promotions” tab instead of the Primary tab.

This is being called “the death of e-mail marketing as we know it.”  I know someone who’s VERY happy about that:


And it’s not just Grumpy Cat saying it.

Your subscribers’ business coaches, life coaches, and entrepreneur success coaches who teach them to vigorously unsubscribe and “clean up their Inbox” are having a FIELD DAY – at your expense.

And yet here I am, excited and happy?  If you don’t understand why, then…

Perhaps Now You Should Focus On Your
Website Conversion Conversation

I’ve said it before, and naysayers have slammed me for it.  To attract targeted visitors to your website who will convert into prospects and customers, go where they hang out and deliver what they need.

Business owners, entrepreneurs, service providers, and marketers who have been actively growing their business through media and publicity campaigns, frequent live events like teleseminars / webinars / Google+ Hangouts, and multiple social media platforms will continue to do just fine.

It’s the folks who say things like “Why do I need a fan page, I don’t have fans” or “Nobody buys when you waste time on that stuff” whose voices will be silenced now.

Gmail’s Tabs Help Your Broadcast
E-Mails Get Read Faster

When you log into Facebook or LinkedIn, the red marks in the toolbar alerting you to new messages get your attention.  They’re designed to.

Gmail has thoughtfully implemented a similar feature – PLUS it tells your readers who just sent them e-mail.

Now, rather than your broadcasts getting buried in the deluge of the primary email your subscribers already don’t have enough hours in the day to read and deal with from THEIR OWN PAYING CLIENTS, Gmail pinpoints your broadcasts for them:


This means it’s now about quality AND quantity.

Our Website Conversion Reviews and Analysis includes us opt-ing into your list and analyzing two weeks’ of your e-mails because you MUST answer these questions for yourself and your subscribers:

  • Have you developed such a strong track record for delivering amazing, kick-ass content that when your name appears on the Promotions tab, your subscribers feel compelled to open it?
  • Does your value feel “primary” enough to your subscribers they’ll follow the instructions to have YOUR emails show up on their Primary tab?  (There are many people on Facebook RIGHT NOW making fun of marketers who expect them to feel this way.  Are you that “one person they’ll never unsubscribe from?”)
  • Are you being persistently consistent with your website conversion conversation so your name appears on the Promotions tab frequently, like Laura, Robert, and Ross do above?

Being Active On Social Media
Beats The “Promotions” Stigma

In addition to giving you the “inside edge” on your broadcast emails actually getting opened and read, Gmail is now helping your social media efforts pay off.

See, in the above screenshot, how the Social tab also alerts you to new messages, and who sent you the most recent ones?


These include (depending on your fans and followers’ settings) notifications of new comments, discussion group items, fan page postings, and more (on Facebook); Twitter activity; and much more.

Even if they ignore the Promotions tab, they’re still likely to click the Social tab.

Still Chanting The “Facebook, Twitter, Google+”
Mantra (And Leaving Someone Out)?

linkedin-discussion-send-announcementThose of you who are active on LinkedIn: when you send personal messages to your connections who use Gmail, those show up in their Social tab, increasing the chances your connections know you wrote to them in the first place.

And, if you own a LinkedIn Discussion group, you can send a broadcast e-mail to your group members once a week.  It’s called an “Announcement.”

In addition to showing up as a discussion topic in your group, it sends an e-mail to every group member – that goes into Social, not Promotions.

Human beings, generally speaking, are “social” (unless they feel they’re being “promoted” to)… right?

Isn’t it about time we start getting the mantra right?  

Do so, and Gmail tabs become your friend.  Most of your competitors will continue to chant “Facebook, Twitter, Google+” so this is an easy way for you to beat the rush and cut to the front of the line.

Done Complaining Now?

People can complain all they want, but unless they own Google, there’s not much they can do about the “tabs.”

So how about letting your competitors get sucked into that vortex while their worst nightmare becomes your greatest blessing?

Yes, you can.


P.S.  A compelling website conversion conversation, powerful value, and irresistible calls to action – these are what it’s all about.  Our Website Conversion Reviews and Analysis help you get these items nailed down so some silly tabs don’t get you down.

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