Do You Feel That Your Audience Values Your Content?

Is there something lingering inside that has you questioning yourself when others tell you how valuable your blog content is for them?  Does it raise the question, “They found THAT to be valuable?  That’s such basic stuff!”

If this sounds even remotely familiar, watch this:

Now, get out there and share what you’ve got!


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  1. Hi Adam,

    Great article! I do want to add my 2 cents to the topics of:

    1. That’s basic information
    2. That information has been said a million times already

    Now, even though I do agree with you that a) the information may be basic to you but not your readers and b) the information may not have been heard from you, I do want to challenge our bloggers and article marketers to push the envelope. I want to challenge them to go beyond their comfort zone and offer information that is NOT being said all over the place. Give value-added information that goes beyond the basics that everyone else says. This way you are not providing regurgitated content and that you have no doubt in your mind that you are giving value (just like you Adam have no doubt that you are offering value inside each and every single blog post.)

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    • Adam Hommey (Help My Website Sell)
      Monday 12 September 2011, 5:13 pm

      @Eric – this adds a new dimension to what I was saying in the video (where I was really focused on creating the understanding that one person’s “fluff” is 10 other people’s “goldmine”.)

      But taken as a separate topic, everything you add here is correct. This goes back, to an extent, to something I said earlier about not being afraid to give more “free stuff” than your competitors to establish yourself as a thought leader. Create this impression in your viewer: “WOW! If that’s the FREE version, I’m sure I’ll be blown away by the PAID version. Must. Have. It. Now.”

  2. Great explanation Adam; love the way you break it down to the most valuable point of understanding for your clients! Great job!!!!!!!

    • Adam Hommey (Help My Website Sell)
      Thursday 15 September 2011, 12:31 pm

      @Tisa – thank you for your kind words! I try to break these concepts into small, easy-to-digest, instantly-actionable bites through the Monday Marketing Moments. Means a lot to me when I see how it’s working for folks!

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