Frequently Asked Questions

There are several questions-and-answers that are pretty straightforward that don’t really require their own webpage or that much elaboration, so here they are.  If what you need to know isn’t covered here, please let us know and we’ll clarify anything we can.

Question: Is it true that if we haven’t spoken before or done business, you’ll give me 30 minutes of your time and point out three specific actionable steps I can take right now to improve my website conversions and/or simplify my technology so I spend less time maintaining and more time marketing?

Answer: Yep – though we can’t guarantee how much longer we’ll keep offering this.  So it’s strongly in your best interest to explore this opportunity now.

Q: Where’s the best place for us to start?

A: First of all, check out the various solutions we offer to help you increase your website conversions and better leverage your internet marketing technology.  That being said, since we prefer relationships to “cash fixes,” we want to speak with you, and then we will figure out together how we can best support you, based on the gap between where your business is right now and where you want it to be.  To get that conversation started, click here now.

Q: Who uses your services and what do they say?

A:  Click here, and then click here.

Q: As a first-time customer, how soon can I speak with you on the telephone about my needs?

A: Once you fill out the appropriate form for any of our coaching or development solutions, you will receive a response to schedule a live phone appointment within approximately one (1) business day.  That response will come as an e-mail from “Kate Bradbury” and will contain at least three proposed dates and times.  Respond to Kate by picking one and we go from there.  We make every effort to have the live phone call happen within one week of you filling out the form, schedules permitting.

Q: I filled out a form on your website and haven’t heard back?

A: Three items to help ease your concerns.  First, we ask that you please allow us one (1) full business day before providing a comprehensive response.  Second, note that if you filled out a form on the website, the response to you will usually come from Kate Bradbury… NOT Adam.  Look for her name in the inbox of the e-mail you entered on the form and her voice in your voicemail.   Third, double-check the receipt you got back after you filled out the form to make sure you entered them correctly.  If all else fails, send Adam a message on LinkedIn® and/or Google+ as a few people help him monitor traffic on these sites and will get things back on track for you.

Q: How much do you charge?

A: Depends on what you’re asking for.  Some solutions have fixed costs;  for others, it really depends on what the client needs.  We don’t have hourly rates, which should answer the “are you a webmaster?” question.  (We’re not.)  If it’s a fixed rate, we list it on the website; if not, then it’s the sort of thing where we need to speak live first and on the page that describes that solution, you’ll find a brief form to fill out to indicate your interest and give us the information we need to help determine the estimate.

Q: What guarantees do you offer?

A: Depends on what we’re doing for you.  Whatever guarantees are available are offered in the description of each solution we offer (usually within that solution’s individual FAQ section, if it has one).

Be aware that every single one of our solutions comes with built-in training and coaching.  You do not get “left hanging.”

Q: We’re looking for someone to make ongoing text edits to / “fix up” our website, can you do it?

A: Two part answer here.  First of all, please consider our Video Website Conversion Critiques to help you identify the best “fixes” you can make that will increase your website conversions and grow your business.  Second, is your website built on a WordPress platform?  If not, perhaps moving to one would completely eliminate your dependence on a “webmaster.”  If it is, do you have someone who knows how to log in and edit a “page” in WordPress, who may need some pointers on how to do it more effectively?  We absolutely have a solution for you if that’s the case.

Q: What are your office hours?

A:  Though most of the team members are in the Eastern time zone (USA),we don’t have set hours.  We make ourselves available, within reason, when we need to be available to get the job done.  When we set a deadline, we meet it; or if something comes up that might require a change, we communicate with you as soon as possible to get you on board with it.

Q: I just bought a list of names and e-mail addresses and need help sending e-mails to it.

A: Here, we need to draw a firm line in the sand and stand by it.

Help My Website Sell™ will not come within 100 meters of ANYTHING involving “purchased”,  “borrowed”, or “not truly opted-in” e-mail lists.  Clients we work with will only be e-mail marketing to opted-in mailing lists whose members have given specific consent to that marketer to receive said marketer’s promotional e-mails.  We will not be involved with any business or client who attempts to market to someone who does not have what, according to our standards, constitutes a recipient who is aware and has consented to receive such e-mails.  Our reputation as a firm that upholds the highest ethics of marketing is paramount.  If in doubt, ask us.  But please respect whatever decision we make.

Q: If you have answered my question, I can’t find it.

A: Click here and choose the method of connecting to us that most closely matches your current need.